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Inficron's managed hosting is an industrial grade solution for clients who need their applications to respond to business and market demands in real time. Equipment, technologies, platforms and software are sized, selected and customized to the unique needs of your application. Our business centric approach enhances the value of your applications while reducing costs, regardless of the complexity of your network.

We redefine best-in-class managed hosting services for clients who need high performance Internet applications, network redundancy and availability, security and failover, on-demand engineering support, and the flexibility to scale technology alongside business. If there is a problem, chances are we are already working to solve it. We understand that clients need immediate and anytime access to the infrastructure powering their applications, and must be able to direct growth. That's why our managed hosting clients enjoy 24/7 toll free support. We don't believe that call centers benefit our clients or our business. Your requests are always addressed by experienced, on-staff network engineers.

  • Connectivity: Tier 1 IP network and world-class transport network with multiple carrier networks to choose from in a neutral environment.
  • Security: Multi-layer security control procedures, biometric palm readers, and closed-circuit video surveillance.
  • Power: Uninterruptible AC and DC power with generator backup and remotely accessible cabinet power solutions.
  • Cooling: HVAC, N+1 redundant design using raised flooring.
  • Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above and below raised floor; double interlock pre-action dry pipe fire suppression.
  • Cable Management and Racking: Provides easy overhead access to all cabling while deterring obstructions from under raised flooring.
  • Support: 24-7 remote hands, and neutral business environments.

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