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Contemporary cloud solutions help organizations drive innovation, enable faster time-to-market, and reduce costs by driving the efficient use of infrastructure. Enterprises seek ways to capitalize on the benefits that cloud solutions provide, but not at the cost of losing control of their data. Through a Private hosted PaaS/IaaS solution based on OpenShift and built on top of OpenStack, Inficron can help you realize the benefits of the cloud while meeting all of your organization's regulatory, compliance and security requirements.

Private PaaS lets you easily develop, deploy, and run applications that automatically scale with the growth of your business using open, cost-effective platforms, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. It provides an on-demand, elastic, and fully configured development, testing, and hosting environment that works with the languages and middleware already used by your organization. Standards compatibility ensures that it is easy to migrate data and applications on-premise or to public clouds, when conditions are right, based on security policies, economics, and other relevant business criteria.

  • Completely control data, implementation, modification and direction
  • Avoid the creation of silos and incrementally eliminate previously created silos
  • Streamline and standardize the application development life-cycle workflow
  • Choose the languages, frameworks, and data stores that meet your business needs
  • Prevent vendor lock-in by leveraging open-source technologies
  • Plug in to future technologies and take advantage of new innovations
  • Deploy across private and public clouds

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