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Throughout a company's evolution progressive information systems must be favorably integrated with people and processes, in order to preserve growth. Too often integration challenges become evident even after substantial resources are expended to acquire and install the optimal system. While the efficacy of the technologies motivating change are desirable, resistance to change is normal and technical approaches alone will never suffice to effectuate a positive outcome.

Studies show that the failure of over one third of technology rollouts could have been averted by a transformation management induced reduction in the cognitive, emotional and behavioral resistance of stakeholders. Successful transformation requires enabling leadership with the capabilities to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and reform operations based on a continuous feedback loop comprising the behaviors of people, processes and technologies.

Initiate successful technology transformations that account for organizational leadership, culture, structure, strategy, competencies, and psychological contracts.

Develop transformation feedback loops through organizational surveys, analytics and analysis to tune participative change.

Effectuate strategies that induce the modification of stakeholder perspectives from old behavior patterns in favor of new behaviors and practices.

Advise leadership on business process modifications that facilitate transformation, while formulating and communicating the vision for change.

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