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Most executives are familiar with business process automation as a strategy to contain costs by integrating software applications, restructuring labor and leveraging newly created opportunities to simplify processes within their organizations. As a result, we are often engaged to help clients improve access to information, reduce redundancies, and streamline workflows by integrating custom enterprise solutions that resolve inefficiencies arising from cross cutting concerns.

Now that mobile has converged with the Internet and mobile computing has become so prevalent that it is almost absurd to be anywhere without a connected device, we are positioned to help clients are realize substantial gains by empowering their business processes to service mobile applications in the context of identity and location.

As we see more and more exemplary models of mobility driven process automation, clients begin to draw parallels to their own businesses. Cities are facilitating contractors with data collection and reporting tools that enable them to better manage distributed workforces. Malls and theme parks are implementing interactive discovery services, cleverly promoting offers and attractions. Some retailers are beginning to set up local product searches with maps that show customers where to go, while others are providing employees with streamlined mobile interfaces to point of sale, inventory and support, enabling them to better serve customers.

Employers are leveraging mobile devices to enable physical access control and to monitor attendance. Restaurants are providing patrons with reservation feedback, virtual menus and billing. Soon enough clinics will offer check-in, waiting time and patient history via mobile devices, automatically setting up appointment reminders on the way out. Mobile business process automation makes this, and much more, possible.

Inficron develops the software that promotes interaction between stakeholders, such as customers, vendors and employees, and your organization through mobile accessible virtual services provisioned at physical locations. The benefits are clear. Employees are facilitated to capture, utilize and redirect information at the point of origination, decision makers are empowered to finely orchestrate geographically distributed business processes, and both partners and consumers are privileged to interact with businesses at key points in the value chain.

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