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Inficron's Systems Engineering for the Enterprise spans a diverse set of technologies and domains to provide you with leading-edge capabilities, services, and products driven by paradigms in web, mobile, social, data and digital marketing. We excel at enabling clients to translate problems into opportunities, ideas into operations, and concepts into markets.

The past decade has seen an unprecedented shift in the way that we consume and refine information. Organizations are able to provide exponential value to stakeholders by envisioning and implementing the software and systems that creatively automate business data transformation and sharing processes.

Today's competitive economic environment is giving rise to a trend for companies to seek out effective and efficient means for application and data integration. Prominent market research points to a critical mass of businesses across all industries considering, piloting, or deploying integration solutions, with strong bias towards open source implementations. Modern integrations expose public web application programming interfaces (APIs) for information consumption, knowledge generation and community building, and secure private APIs for process automation to enhance partner collaboration and create corporate efficiencies.

We help proactive clients stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on trends in how people interact with the world around them. With Inficron, you can harness your organization's applications and data to establish programmatic interfaces that discover new products, advance master data governance and reporting, create information exchanges, build communities and platforms, enable data remixing among multiple sources, and provide public and private utilities of business service automation to customers, employees and partners.

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