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Systems Engineering
Process Mobility

Creating a valuable business is a complex process that requires an extensible approach to marrying the big picture of the market to the proximity of product development. Successful serial entrepreneurs understand that, in order to reduce uncertainty, they must cultivate an organic, iterative and efficient innovation process that is tethered to the market by an elastic hypothesis.

As a risk mitigation approach, established firms that implement entrepreneurial innovation strategies in exploration of uncharted territories often segregate new ventures from their culture, products and processes. While some firms prefer to maintain an arms length connection to new ventures, in order to ensure integrity and steer outcomes, there is a growing trend to shop external venture groups that are in the process of incubating teams in pursuit of relevant business innovation and disruptive change.

Inficron facilitates clients with a hybrid approach. We collaborate with you to seed your ventures with broad objectives and strategic direction, enabling us to organically grow an ambitious start-up and cultivate the talent, technology, product and market fit to incrementally integrate with you.

  • Ideation, concept modeling and iterative innovation
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Product and service engineering
  • Business administration and automation
  • Product market fit and business model discovery
  • Marketing plan and execution
  • Integration, hand-off, and strategy consulting

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